Dear Dr. Lindsay, Melissa, Omar, Arielle, Tricia, Lyz, Adele, Laura, Alena and all the staff that Choxy haven't met yet but are a part of the great place, the clinic, where we felt safe and cared for in the last few years...

Before we leave this beautiful city to enjoy some warmth in Florida for our old bones, we wanted to thank you all so very much for all the love, help and attention to our needs.  We feel you will remember us even when the taste of chocolates is gone.  We will miss you.

Choxy and Laura 


To the Higgins staff,
Thank you for all of the great care and loving you provided to Brian over the years!  He couldn't have had a better vet team take care of him.
Mike and Jess

To the doctors and staff of Higgins,
Thank you for providing medical care and warm compassion for my cats.  Please continue your standards of excellence!
Sam B.

Dr. Damiana,
Thank you for all the excellent work that you and your staff do - and I certainly appreciate all the help you and the staff have given Sparkle.  Also congratulations on your pregnancy!
Edward and Sparkle

Dr. Damiana and team,
Thank you so much for taking care of Ebbie! Your partnership with One Tail at a Time is inspirational.  You have helped so many animals, including my Ebbie! Thank you!
Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday season!
Jess and Ebbie 

To the Higgins staff,
Thank you all for the kindness and support you have given me since the first day I walked into the clinic.  Annie and I will always be grateful.

Higgins Animal Clinic:
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all the years of caring and loving our beautiful Lucy.
Love, Stevie and Marty 

Arlington-Golf has a very friendly staff and clean environment! Dr. Fox is great! Plus she saved our cats life :)

Arlington-Golf Animal Hospital:
Doctor Fox has done more for my cats then anyone of the million doctors they saw.  She is the real deal.  She is honest and has compassion.  These are are two hard traits to find in a doctor. She ALWAYS calls to check up on us after a vist. She researches on her own time, things we can do or try. She really is a gem.
The receptionist are always caring as well. The young women with dark curly hair could check you out, answer a phone and send a fax at the same time. The gentleman up front is wonderful as well.

Dear Higgins,
Pups love the care with Dr. Damiana and grooming with Felipe... and all the times pups pull to stop by to grab a treat!!! Thank you Higgins staff - great!!!
Jennifer and Tammy

Dear Adele,
Wrigley is doing so well using the litter box again thanks to your time and expertise.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Jim, Lisa, Tully and Wrigley

Hey Dr. McReynolds and Adele,
I just wanted to say thank you, and I know I've said it many times but all the time you both invested in Capone helped me so much.  Your office is great and I tell all my patients about you guys. 
I feel it's really important to feel the love and compassion that your Doctor has towards your pet in case they ever need to stay over night you know your pet is in good hands.  I'm just so happy I found Higgins Vet clinic. I actually asked my old vet to get my first cats' records and transfer them over so I can start bringing my first cat to them as well and my possible new baby cat.

Thank you again staff I really appreciate all the work you did for me today and also helping this stray!
Mary, Capone and Frankie


I took my senior dog in as she was having a digestive issue. This was our first visit here. This place was recommended by a friend. I was beyond impressed. The vet and tech were so amazing and helpful. My dog is a lunatic at the vet and they were so good with her. The doctor was super thorough and he even went through all of her old test results with me and explained them. He spent a long time in with us explaining and answering questions. Such a fantastic experience!
Christy T.

Higgins Animal Clinic has been taking care of my kitty for the past year and a half. In that time, we have had three visits and have seen two different doctors. Both doctors were great, answering any questions or concerns I had regarding my little guy. They are usually on time with their appointments, from my experiences, but I always schedule early in the morning to avoid any delays.
For your first pet's initial visit, your exam fee will be waived, which is a nice touch. This office seems to be fair on pricing, and they also offer boarding, which we have not utilized yet. My cat, also, has anxiety when it comes to his checkup visits, and the doctors have been great at dealing with his feistiness. They even prescribed him medications to take, in the future, to ease his nerves with visits.
Kitan loves Higgins Animal Clinic!


We just wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Lindsey McReynolds, Dr. Ben Quarrles along with Melissa, and your great front desk and staff for the great care you extended to our dogs.
It was a stressful few days with both our adopted dogs being so sick. Your medical experts were so thoughtful and thorough in diagnosing and treating our pets. We all felt better after our visits.
Plus, the doctors explained treatment options and costs.  That is so appreciated.
Thank you so much for you all being there to help us and Kindi & Scout.
Your loyal & grateful patients,
Nicole and Vicki

I highly recommend Higgins, especially Dr. Damiana. I have a rescue dog from One Tail at a Time with some medical conditions so we are very familiar with the staff at Higgins. Everyone has been kind, patient, knowledgable and goes out of their way to make my anxious pup feel comfortable.
Molly K.

My two cats have only been patients of Dr. Damiana for a short time but it's hard to express the amount of care she and her staff showed toward my cats. Recently one of my cats (15 years old) encountered a back issue and Dr. Damiana told me all the options - one of which simply included care and comfort. I greatly appreciate this approach and not being made to feel guilty for not taking the MRI/neurologist approach at great expense. I love my cats dearly but I truly appreciate being given the opption of care-and-comfort and being made to feel that's okay. After 6 weeks, my cat just passed and again, they were so nice, from the receptionist to the doctor, and everyone I spoke to on the phone. This clinic came highly recommended by a friend and I can see why. They demonstrate a level of empathy and caring I didn't encounter at my previous vet. 
Kathleen E.

The vet and staff here are truly great. I came in for my first visit yesterday and all my expectations for the highest level of care were met. I appreciate the honesty and forthcoming attitude with which my wellness appointment was treated and I've never felt so confident that my pup's health is in the best hands. I highly recommend Higgins Animal Clinic!
Peg C.

My husband and I recently moved to the neighborhood, and I was glad to find a vet that is just around the corner! I took my cat in for his annual exam and vaccinations, and everything in the treatment plan was explained to me prior to starting any procedures. I really appreciated that the staff described pricing up front! As a new patient, the exam was free (bonus)! The doctor spent a significant amount of time examining my cat and answering my questions concerning his diet. The staff followed uup with us a week later to see how he was doing, which I thought was very sweet. The only negative thing about our visit was that we were the first appointment of the day, but we were brought back to our room 15 minutes late. I would highly recommend Higgins Animal Clinic to anyone in Roscoe Village!
Hannah M.

Dear Higgins:
Thank you so much for all you do. Higgins is by far the best animal clinic in the area.... As posted by a friend today, "Yay for Higgins!"
Karen Ann

 Moose and Mom

Hi Dr Damiana and Higgins staff,
Moose wanted to say thank you for everything you did to get him ready for his European vacation! He had a wonderful time and appreciated being able to go everywhere (except the grocery store).....he enjoyed trips to Italy and the Vatican City as well as taking long walk along the rocky beach in Nice and eating out in the restaurant and being able to sit at the table with us.....we loved the French Riviera and the lifestyle :)

Here is a photo of Moose and I, overlooking Nice from the North Point. Thanks again and we will see you at our next visit!


To my dear friends at Higgins,
I, Casey the dog, spent so much time with you that you became my second family!  My mom had to go see her mom a lot and you were always there for me.  You made me feel not only well-cared for, but also loved! 
With love, Casey
P.S. And thanks for all the treats!

Higgins Animal Clinic,
An enormous thank you to all of the staff, especially Dr. Quarrles. We showed up desperate for help without an appointment and you saw us right away even though you were slammed with other customers. You were kind, compassionate and amazingly thorough. Dr Quarrles worked with us for hours, eventually figuring out what was wrong with our dog so he could be transferred to the ICU at the animal hospital. I truly believe our dog would no longer be with us had you turned us away or asked us to come back a few hours later as he was at deaths door when we arrived at the ICU. Because you had figured out what was wrong and called the hospital to get them up to speed they were able to start treatment as soon as we walked in the door. We cannot express how grateful we are to you.
Shay H.


Higgins Staff,
Thank you all for your patience and understanding regarding Gracie's illness!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness and hard work.
With gratitude,
Lori and Gracie

Everyone at Higgins:
Thank you so much for your help this year.  Even if Manny doesn't show it, he appreciates it.
Thanks for your kind words and thoughts too!
Cary, Joe and Manny

Dear Higgins Animal Clinic veterinarians and staff,
I wanted to let you know that our mutual clients have been particularly pleased with the care they have received from your hospital, and I could not agree more.  I know you help give geriatric pets a longer life, and more importantly, ensure that it is a good quality of life.  Thank you for providing such wonderful care.
Dr. Juliana Lyles, Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice

Hello Dr. Roberts (and everyone at Higgins),
My box turtle, Clyde, is a patient of Dr. Roberts. He has been treated for pneumonia recently, but has also gone in for nail and beak trimming, x-rays, and check ups. I have really appreciated all of the understanding and patience that everyone at Higgins treats there patients with.
Thank you,

Dear Dr. Quarrles and Staff,
We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the care you gave to our kitties during their stays at Higgins for their sulfur baths.  I've been to several vets in Chicago and you are hands down the best - from the receptionists, to the doctors, to the vet techs, everyone is so nice and helpful.  I will always recommend Higgins to anyone looking for a vet.
Thank you! Ericka and Andy
...and Frodo, Buddha, Harley and Dresden

Thanks so much
To Dr. Quarrles and the staff at Higgins Animal Clinic for being so attentive, professional, patient, and caring.  My dog, Shadow, and I really appreciate it.  She had a health scare recently, but everything turned out fine.  Every person from the front desk, techs, and doctors have truly been outstanding.  Keep up the great work!

Your office staff is great!
Everyone is extremely gentle with Wolf.  She's a handfulDr. Benjamin Quarrles is a wonderful doctor. He make sure I understand everything that needs to be done and is very efficient. I've never been to a animal hospital where a doctor (and staff) care so much about the animals and us:)  
Thank you guys very much for helping Wolfgang!!!

Henry the tuxedo catAdele,

Hi.  I finally remembered to send you some pictures of Henry, he is really coming along.  Your help has been wonderful, God bless ...

John & Nance



Dear Adele,
Thank you so much for sending me the helpful information to cheer up our Duffy.  It kept him and myself so busy! Duffy loves to watch everything I do.  He takes things to the laundry basket and lots of other jobs.  I've also ordered some of the new toys for him.  Duffy can feel our sorrow and it's going to take all of us a lot of time. 
With thanks - Kathy

Wheeling Animal Hospital:
I have been bringing my pets to your Wheeling Animal Hospital for years and am very happy with your staff and services. 
Leslie Karmin

To: Wheeling Animal Hospital:
My family has been nothing but extremely satisfied with the staff and services overall at Wheeling Animal Hospital!  How many people out there can say that their dog actually LIKES to go to the vet.  My little guy loves his visits there.  That's when you know you have a great place for pet care! 
Julia Castillo

Dear Wheeling Animal Hospital:
Pippin and Sallee really enjoyed their week's stay in your Pet Villa.  Pippin said he had a great time during the day camp while he was there and Sallee is more outgoing because of her exposure to other dogs while there.  Thank you to all kennel staff and Sue for your special care to details of their stay.   
Peggy Lee

Dear Wheeling Animal Hospital,
When my family moved out to this area we didn't know which vet to take our dogs to and randomly selected yours through the phone book to try first.  If we felt it wasn't worth it we were going to search for others.  It turns out Wheeling is a distance from where we live and there are plenty of vet offices in between, but we ended up loving this office so much that we never plan to switch.  I even boarded my dogs for the first time ever over the holidays, and cried like a baby when I had to leave them.  Your staff was so kind and helpful and I could tell that they really care about the animals that it gave me comfort to know they were going to be well cared for.  My dogs ended up loving their stay :)  I love your office, boutique, and your staff.  Keep up the good work!!

Dear Adele,
We wanted to say thank you so much for talking with me over the phone.  I appreciate your time and information.  We can't believe the significant improvement in her behavior since we began implementing your advice.  We are so thankful.
Sincerely, Tom and Debbie

Dr. Roberts is the best!  It is very difficult to find a ferret-friendly vet.   Thank you! 

Thank you so much for having such a great website that allows me to keep electronic records of my cat, Monroe!  We love her sooooooo much and really appreciate the services that you offer.  Thanks again!

Thank You to the Staff of The Wheeling Animal Hospital and Pet Resort:
Just wanted to give you all a big Thank You for taking such great care of Cosmo and Abbey. We really appreciate all of you patience with us!! You really take outstanding service to a new level!!  We are so excited to plan our next trip now that we know what great hands they are in at your resort!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Darryl, Angela, Cosmo, and Abbey Hamel 

Dear Higgins Animal Clinic,  
Thank you for making Chico and I feel so welcome at the clinic.  It was truly a very rewarding experience, the professional and caring staff made chico feel very relazed and loved.  Again, thank you for your kindness and professionalism.  We are very happy with our new doctor and friends.