Did you know that...

By age two, most dogs and cats have already reached adulthood. By the time they reach age
four, they're considered middle-aged. At age seven, many pets have already
started their senior years.

Older pets begin to have health problems associated with the aging process just like we do. Unfortunately it is not always possible to detect these problems with only a routine examination. We recommend that all pets seven years of age or older have a Senior Profile once a year. Remember, medical problems that are caught early and treated with proper medication or dietary changes can prolong your pet's enjoyment and quality of life.

Senior dogs and cats should also have a wellness exam every six months. Because dogs and
cats age five to seven times faster than people, an annual visit to the veterinarian every year is equivalent to people seeing their physician or dentist every five to seven years.

During the months of November and December, we are discounting our
2 Senior Profile Bundles:

Level I: 10% discount
Comprehensive physical examination
Complete Blood Cell count and Differential
Blood chemistry Analysis
Thyroid function
Complete urinalysis including
Nutritional counseling

Level II: 15% discount
Same as Level I
X-rays of the chest and

Medical changes can occur suddenly without advance warning. It is our goal to help you and your pet manage their aging process and prevent some of the problems associated with normal pet aging. Preventive senior wellness exams and profiles are excellent ways of assuring a higher quality of life for your pet.

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