Important Health Alert in Chicago

Posted: 9/6/2012

A dangerous fungal infection that affects dogs has been reported in the area. 

Known as Blastomycosis,  the fungus grows in moist soil, soil mixed with sand or vegetation, in  areas around water.  When conditions are right, spores are released into  the air that either can be inhaled by dogs or travel through their open  wounds.  In very rare cases, the fungus can affect people. Warm weather  accelerates the fungal growth.

If not diagnosed and treated properly, it eventually can cause blindness and even death. Blastomycosis is NOT contagious.  It can be contracted directly only from the fungus itself and is not transmitted by dogs or people.

The southern Great Lakes have now become a breeding ground for this type of fungus that causes Blastomycosis. Please know that the lake is NOT contaminated and the fungus grows in patches, in small, restricted areas.

This disease is NOT an epidemic, but it is becoming more commonplace.

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