Join the Rimadyl Rewards Program!

Posted: 11/23/2013


Do you buy Rimadyl on a regular basis for your dog?* If so, we'd like to give you some information about the Rewards points program.

Reaping rewards is easy!

  • Visit to create your free account.

  • Purchase your dog's Rimadyl at Higgins Animal Clinic or Wheeling Animal Hospital.

  •  Every time you purchase Rimadyl, you submit your veterinary receipts as proof-of-purchase. Receipts can be submitted via mail or fax. They can also be submitted through a new, free mobile iPhone app where you create your dog's profile and then upload pictures of your receipts to earn points. (To download this free app, visit the iTunes store and search for "Rimadyl"). It's that simple!

  • Your points begin accumulating. Once you reach 200 points, you will receive your Rimadyl Rewards card by mail. It will be loaded with $20.00. Hang onto this card! Once you have it, every time you submit a valid proof-of-purchase, reward dollars will be loaded onto it.

  • Rimadyl reward money can be used towards ANY expense at Higgins or Wheeling hospitals, including diagnostics, annual wellness exams and vaccinations.
    It's like a credit card that can be utilized any time you wish for any products or services!

When you purchase:
25 mg, 30 tablets, you earn 60 points or $5.50
25 mg, 60 tablets, you earn 110 points or $11.00
25 mg, 180 tablets, you earn 330 points or $32.50
75 mg, 30 tablets you earn 70 points or $6.70
75 mg, 60 tablets, you earn 130 points or $13.50
75 mg, 180 tablets, you earn 400 points or $40.00
100 mg, 30 tablets, you earn 80 points or $8.20
100 mg, 60 tablets, you earn 160 points or $16.50
100 mg, 180 tablets, you earn 500 points or $49.40


*Rimadyl is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for dogs available only by prescription through your veterinarian.