Canine Influenza Vaccine Available

Posted: 4/10/2015


Chicago is currently experiencing an outbreak of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV). If your dog is coughing, he or she should be seen by one of our veterinarians to determine if testing, medication, supportive care or further intervention is necessary.

We are serious advocates of preventative care and strongly recommend that if your dog is involved in social settings like daycare, play dates, classes, dog parks/beaches and/or other dog-communal locations, to avoid these activities for at least 4 weeks and consider vaccinating your dog for CIV. Click here to read more about CIV prevention. 

Canine influenza is NOT contagious to cats or people.

Due to updated information and testing of the effectiveness of the CIV vaccine, we are now recommending its use. The vaccine is a series of two injections, with the booster being done 2-4 weeks after the first vaccination. An initial exam will be required before the vaccine is given, however the booster will not need an exam (unless coughing and or other symptoms of flu is seen).

In order to prevent the spread of CIV in our own hospital we are following strict protocals for disinfecting and cleaning, which includes isolating the entrances and exits of possible contagious pets. Our grooming and boarding takes place in a separate building from our main hospital so you can feel safe in continuing those activities with us.

Please feel to call Higgins Animal Clinic (773)525-0472 with any questions or concerns you may have about Canine Influenza, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for the CIV vaccine.