Cornell University update on Canine Influenza

Posted: 4/13/2015

Cornell University issued a press release today that states that the ongoing canine influenza in the Chicago area is due to the H3N2 strain, not the H3N8 strain. This is the first identification of the H3N2 strain outside of Asia.
Differences of the H3N2 strain:

  • This strain is much more virulent- this means that affected animals develop the disease faster and more severely than the H3N8 strain. 
  • Unfortunately, this strain can also affect cats and cause similar respiratory disease.
  • The existing vaccine contains the H3N8 strain and is currently being tested against the new strain from Asia.  Experts are hoping that there will be cross protection.
  • The H3N2 strain has NOT been documented in the human population and is still felt to be only contagious to dogs and now cats. 

 We will keep you posted when further information and developments happen.