Donate to our rescue group for abandoned pets.

Posted: 11/17/2016

Wheeling Animal Hospital has been helping stray and injured animals in the northwest suburbs of Chicago since 2009.  We have rescued and adopted out over 300 pets since we started.  We are now officially a non-profit organization (Wheeling Animal Group Saves = W.A.G.S.) in order to expand our efforts to help even more stray and abandoned pets. If you would like to help our cause, please click the donate button on our new W.A.G.S facebook page.  Every little bit helps! 

All donations are tax deductible and go towards food, housing and veterinary care for the many animals in we have in need. 

Please feel free to visit the W.A.G.S. website page to see the pets currently up for adoption and for updates on fundraisers, pet related stories and other ways you can help!