Microchip information



What Is A Pet Microchip?
A pet microchip is a tiny computer chip that is no bigger than a grain of rice. It is implanted through a needle between the shoulder blades.   Each pet microchip has a unique code which can be identified by running a scanner over it. This code helps to identify the pet and is tagged with the owner’s contact information during the registration.
If your pet cat or dog gets lost, it will be scanned at the animal shelter, veterinary hospitals and other pet facilities. Once the microchip has been found and the code on it read, the pet registry is contacted immediately and the owner’s contact information is obtained, and the pet is returned home.

Does my pet need to stay at the hospital to get microchipped?
Not at all, it only takes a few minutes to implant the microchip and then the process is complete. No surgery or anesthesia is required.  We even do all the initial registering for you with the information we have in your file.   You can update or change your contact information at any time online by logging into www.HomeAgain.com.  We will give you all of Home Again’s contact, support and microchip information after your pet has been chipped.

Does the microchip track my pet? Does it have GPS?
No, the chip does not have GPS capability, and you cannot track your pet using it if it gets lost. The way it works is when your pet is brought to an animal shelter or veterinarian clinic and is then scanned for a microchip. The facility will then use the number on the chip and contact Home Again, who will then use the chip number to identify you (the pet owner) to give your contact information to get in touch with you.
Therefore it is very important here that your information you have on file with us is up to date.  Should anything change after that, you would need to contact Home Again and update them with your latest contact details.

Should I stop using collars and tags once my pet is microchipped?
No, your pet should still always have a collar and tags. There is no way to know if a person who has found your pet has any idea about microchips, and they might only know to look for the information on the tag.  Home Again also provides their own tag to put on collars to inform the finder about the microchip.  However, it is also a good idea to put the microchip number on the pet’s name tag with the other information you may have on it.

Do microchips store a pet’s medical information?
No, the microchip does not store your pet’s medical information.  It only has the number that corresponds to the information in Home Again’s recovery database.

Once the microchip has been implanted, is there any sort of maintenance needed?
Once your pet is microchipped, there are only two things you need to do:

  •  Make sure the microchip information is kept up-to-date.
  • Ask your veterinarian to scan your pet's microchip once per year to make sure the microchip is still functioning and can be detected.

Just remember it is very important that if any of your information (especially your phone number) has changed, to make sure you update your microchip registration in the manufacturer's database as soon as possible.  Then you can rest easy that you've improved your chances of getting your pet back if it's lost or stolen.