Adele - Practice Manager

Adele has been with the clinic for over 26 years. As our Practice Manager, she thoroughly enjoys the opportunity of helping to make Higgins the best hospital it can be. Not only for our clients and patients, but the staff as well. She also takes care of our social media and website.

Adele has a very pudgy cat named Crispin, and she loves reading, gardening, baking, collecting odd vintage items and creating art in her spare time.

Laura - Office Manager

Laura was born and raised in Chicago and has worked at Higgins for over 20 years. Laura doesn't have much spare time for her hobbies as she keeps pretty busy keeping tabs on her 19 year old son Zachary.

Arielle - Reception

Arielle is a Chicago native and she really enjoys working with pets. She is always a joyful presence at our front desk and spoils all our patients with attention as soon as they come in.
She has her own big goofy Rottweiler named Ares that keeps her busy. Arielle also loves the Cubbies, puppies and tacos!

Tricia - Reception

Tricia was born and raised in New York where she always had lots of pets "follow her home". She moved to Florida when she was 20 years old and worked at many places before realizing her love of animals could be a job. She then started working for the SPCA where she "fostered" two puppies for life, named Scout and Atticus.

In 2014, Tricia moved to Chicago with her boyfriend Todd and their furbabies. She then started working at Higgins and has been here ever since. Recently, our staff convinced her to take home a cat named Criminal to be buddies with her cat, Anubis. They are now good pals!

Robyn - Reception

Robyn was born and raised in Chicago. She is a mom to 3 children, 3 furbabies and a turtle. She enjoys spending time by the lake and finds fishing relaxing. She also loves watching the Chicago Cubs and Bears play.

Jackie - Veterinary Technician

Jackie is a born and raised Chicagoan. Ever since she was young, she's always had a passion for animals and knew that she would someday work in this field. As a youngster, she was deprived of having a pet. So she thought to herself..."If I can't have a dog, when I grow up I'm gonna have 'em all!"

Jackie began volunteering at Chicago Animal Care and Control, and fostered with PAWS. She has gone from working as a Guest Engagement Leader at Lincoln Park Zoo, to working at dog boarding and daycare and then working hard at Fox College to become a Veterinary Technician.

She has a pug sidekick named Peppa Pug, and they love hiking and going on all sorts of adventures together.

Jessica - Veterinary Technician

Jessica is a Chicago native and started studying veterinary medicine at SIUC in 2015. She has worked as a receptionist and a technician at various hospitals for the last few years.
Jessica is a feline fanatic - who also loves dogs! She has 3 cats, Mama Jay, Loco Mocco and Ghost.
In the future she looks forward to owning her own animal hospital, just like Dr. Roberts.

Joshua - Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Attendant

Joshua is 24 and was born and raised in Chicago. He is currently going to school to pursue what he loves to do, which is working with animals. He also loves read in his spare time and enjoys being a valued member of the Higgins team.

Josh also adopted our sweet senior hospital cat, Dixie, and she now snuggles in bed all day under lots of blankets.

Enrique - Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Attendant

Enrique has been with Higgins Animal Clinic for over 27 years. He has been living in Chicago for about 28 years. Enrique loves taking care of animals, and has had pets his whole life. He is a valuable member of our team and we all count on his amazing expertise after all these years!

Antonia - Veterinary Assistant

Antonia moved from Guerrero, Mexico to Chicago when she was 16. Antonia has been at Higgins for over 19 years and finds working with animals very gratifiying. She enjoys playing basketball, and is currently taking college courses.
Her little dog Mia is lovingly spoiled and adored by the entire staff and her family.

Melissa - Veterinary Assistant

Melissa has worked in many modes of the veterinary field including shelter medicine, emergency and day wellness clinics. She shares her life with Beulah, a 10 year old bearded collie, Sumo, an enormous orange tabby and Cyrus, a Bengal cat that together create a constant ball of fur and energy.

"I hope over the years I have been able to give care, comfort and compassion to each animal when they crossed my path and needed it most. It's great to be part of the Higgins staff that focuses so much on kindness to their clients and pets."

Melissa spends her spare time watching foreign films of all genres, caring for her own furry mob, writing and studying Buddhism.

Catherine - Veterinary Assistant

Catherine was born and raised in the Chicagoland area except for three years in Colorado. She loves and respects all animals and hopes to one day have a senior pet safe haven. She was going to be a professional dancer but felt a life working with animals would be more gratifying. She grew up with two amazing dogs and cats, Dusty, a big yellow Lab, Lady, a black Lab/Malamute mix, a tough alley cat named Mia and a sweetheart named Max who just turned 18.

Catherine now lives in Chicago and has a cat of her owned named Roxanne. She is a science fiction fan and loves rock and roll music.

Heidi - Veterinary Assistant

Heidi was born in San Fernando California, but was raised in Chicago. Her 3 little best friends are are Max (Chihuahua), Spot (Jack Russell) and Shadow (Lab) that she adores with all her heart.
Heidi is currently in school for business management and hopes to one day supervise an animal hospital!

Felipe - Groomer

Felipe has been with Higgins for over 20 years. He treats every pet in the hospital as if they were his own.
He does an amazing job as our groomer! He is available for grooming at Higgins every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.