We also have boarding available for dogs in our Doggy Den, a more traditional cage-style boarding. Runs are available for larger pets. You pet will receive two out-times per day in one of our four fully-fenced exercise yards(staff present at all times), a cozy cot, Science Diet food(or bring your own),a complementary wipe-down or a discounted bath, if desired.

Pet Resort boarding for cats includes a stay in a Kitty Condo, which is like an apartment for cats; with a separate bathroom and a shelf to jump up on and perhaps look out the window(for those on the window side). You also have the option of an additional condo for your cat, on the other side of the bathroom. Your cat will have it's own litter box and a cozy pad to lie on; Science Diet food is fed(or bring your own). A complementary wipedown or a discounted bath is also included.
For an additional charge, we will be happy to include individual cuddle/brushing time with a staff member.

The Cat Corner, a more traditional cage style corner is also available for cats. A litter box, cozy pad and Science Diet food(or bring your own) is provided.

Exotics, such as rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and pot-bellied pigs among others, are generally housed in their own cages if small or in one of our cages if larger. You will need to bring in their food, bedding etc. Larger animals that can make use of a cozy pad or cot are welcome to do so.

Boarding at the Higgins Animal Clinic and the Roscoe View Animal Hospital consists of the more traditional cage/run style boarding.

Click here to read our boarding rules and regulations.